Inherits: Texture < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

A Texture based on an Image.


void create ( int width, int height, Format format, int flags=7 )
void create_from_image ( Image image, int flags=7 )
Format get_format ( ) const
Error load ( String path )
void set_data ( Image image )
void set_size_override ( Vector2 size )


enum Storage:

  • STORAGE_RAW = 0Image data is stored raw and unaltered.
  • STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSY = 1Image data is compressed with a lossy algorithm. You can set the storage quality with set_lossy_storage_quality.
  • STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSLESS = 2Image data is compressed with a lossless algorithm.


A Texture based on an Image. Can be created from an Image with create_from_image.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_lossy_storage_quality(value)
Getter get_lossy_storage_quality()

The storage quality for ImageTexture.STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSY.

Setter set_storage(value)
Getter get_storage()

The storage type (raw, lossy, or compressed).

Method Descriptions

Create a new ImageTexture with “width” and “height”.

“format” one of Image.FORMAT_*.

“flags” one or more of Texture.FLAG_*.

  • void create_from_image ( Image image, int flags=7 )

Create a new ImageTexture from an Image with “flags” from Texture.FLAG_*. An sRGB to linear color space conversion can take place, according to Image.FORMAT_*.

Return the format of the ImageTexture, one of Image.FORMAT_*.

Load an ImageTexture from a file path.

  • void set_data ( Image image )

Set the Image of this ImageTexture.

  • void set_size_override ( Vector2 size )

Resizes the ImageTexture to the specified dimensions.