Inherits: Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Access to basic engine properties.


The Engine class allows you to query and modify the game’s run-time parameters, such as frames per second, time scale, and others.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_editor_hint(value)
Getter is_editor_hint()

If true, it is running inside the editor. Useful for tool scripts.

  • int iterations_per_second
Setter set_iterations_per_second(value)
Getter get_iterations_per_second()

The number of fixed iterations per second (for fixed process and physics).

  • float physics_jitter_fix
Setter set_physics_jitter_fix(value)
Getter get_physics_jitter_fix()
  • int target_fps
Setter set_target_fps(value)
Getter get_target_fps()

The desired frames per second. If the hardware cannot keep up, this setting may not be respected. Defaults to 0, which indicates no limit.

Setter set_time_scale(value)
Getter get_time_scale()

Controls how fast or slow the in-game clock ticks versus the real life one. It defaults to 1.0. A value of 2.0 means the game moves twice as fast as real life, whilst a value of 0.5 means the game moves at half the regular speed.

Method Descriptions

Returns engine author information in a Dictionary.

“lead_developers” - Array of Strings, lead developer names

“founders” - Array of Strings, founder names

“project_managers” - Array of Strings, project manager names

“developers” - Array of Strings, developer names

Returns an Array of copyright information Dictionaries.

“name” - String, component name

“parts” - Array of Dictionaries {“files”, “copyright”, “license”} describing subsections of the component

Returns a Dictionary of Arrays of donor names.

{“platinum_sponsors”, “gold_sponsors”, “mini_sponsors”, “gold_donors”, “silver_donors”, “bronze_donors”}

  • int get_frames_drawn ( )

Returns the total number of frames drawn.

  • float get_frames_per_second ( ) const

Returns the frames per second of the running game.

Returns Dictionary of licenses used by Godot and included third party components.

  • String get_license_text ( ) const

Returns Godot license text.

Returns the main loop object (see MainLoop and SceneTree).

Returns the current engine version information in a Dictionary.

“major” - Holds the major version number as an int

“minor” - Holds the minor version number as an int

“patch” - Holds the patch version number as an int

“status” - Holds the status (e.g. “beta”, “rc1”, “rc2”, … “stable”) as a String

“build” - Holds the build name (e.g. “custom-build”) as a String

“string” - major + minor + patch + status + build in a single String

  • bool is_in_physics_frame ( ) const

Returns true if the game is inside the fixed process and physics phase of the game loop.