Inherits: AudioStream < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Plays audio.


void save_to_wav ( String path )


enum LoopMode:

  • LOOP_DISABLED = 0 — Audio does not loop.
  • LOOP_FORWARD = 1 — Audio loops the data between loop_begin and loop_end playing forward only.
  • LOOP_PING_PONG = 2 — Audio loops the data between loop_begin and loop_end playing back and forth.

enum Format:

  • FORMAT_8_BITS = 0 — Audio codec 8 bit.
  • FORMAT_16_BITS = 1 — Audio codec 16 bit.
  • FORMAT_IMA_ADPCM = 2 — Audio codec IMA ADPCM.


Plays audio, can loop.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_data(value)
Getter get_data()

Contains the audio data in bytes.

Setter set_format(value)
Getter get_format()

Audio format. See FORMAT_* constants for values.

  • int loop_begin
Setter set_loop_begin(value)
Getter get_loop_begin()

Loop start in bytes.

Setter set_loop_end(value)
Getter get_loop_end()

Loop end in bytes.

Setter set_loop_mode(value)
Getter get_loop_mode()

Loop mode. See LOOP_* constants for values.

Setter set_mix_rate(value)
Getter get_mix_rate()

The sample rate for mixing this audio.

Setter set_stereo(value)
Getter is_stereo()

If true, audio is stereo. Default value: false.

Method Descriptions

  • void save_to_wav ( String path )